Big Tex Trailers

This site hadn't been updated in over 10 years when our team redesigned and redeveloped it. Our major goals were as follows:

  1. Make finding information about each trailer simple
  2. Help customers file their warranty
  3. Get potential dealers to sign up with Big Tex

As the developer of this site, i focused my energies on making the architecture of the site's navigation easy to follow. I collaborated with our web designer to make the trailers front and center with large imagery. I also worked with our warranty team to create a solution for them to receive reports through our form collection process. Previously, all of their reports had been paper. Furthermore, I directed all of our new dealer forms to our Dealer Relations Manager making his job much easier.

One of my personal goals for this project was to help the dealers and our retail sales team to be able to use the site as a selling tool in their pocket. This meant, it had to be responsive. I became the mobile evangelist on this project. I'm sure I drove the team nuts, but the last analytic report that I was privy to told me (and the rest of the team) that about 70% of our visitors were on mobile devices.

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Tools Used

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